Naturopathic Therapy

The healing power of nature!

Creating health is a journey. There is no magic pill. Patients learn to take responsibility for their bodies. Dr. Winton will utilize one or several therapies to bring a patient back to health. As a patient gives their body vital nutrients and gets rid of those things that are slowly poisoning or tearing the body down, then naturally the body will heal on its own.

Common therapies that Dr. Winton may incorporate in your care plan may include:

Bio-Identical Hormones

Bioidentical hormones are made to act exactly like the hormones produced by our own bodies. Conventional hormones, however, are either completely synthetic or derived from the estrogens produced by horses. Thus, bioidentical hormones have demonstrated fewer to none of the side effects associated with conventional hormones.

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Weight Loss Plans

The body has the inherent ability and the vitality- not only to heal itself and restore health but also to ward off disease. The Naturopathic Doctor's role is to identify and remove agents blocking the healing process, bolster the patient's healing capacity, and support the healthy internal and external environment.

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Ozone Therapies

Ozone(O3), is a form of oxygen which contains three atoms. O3 occurs readily in nature, it is the fresh smell after a thunderstorm. O3 is used medically as an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, circulation enhancer and regulates the immune system. O3 therapy is used throughout the world as an effective and affordable alternative to drug therapy.

IV & Vitamin Shots

icon-iv-vitamin-shotVitamin shots are an affordable, quick and easy way to boost your bodies healing mechanisms. From Lipotropic shots to help your liver and B Complex booster shot for all your essential B vitamins, to B-12 specific shots to replenish this essential vitamin that is often depleted due to high stress.

Allergy Testing & Treatment

Allergy Testing & TreatmentAllergies can range from slight annoyance to more severe, life threatening scenarios. The vast majority of individuals can be either cured or symptoms brought to a tolerable level. The method Dr. Winton uses has a success rate of up to 85%, similar to allergy shots but without the need for weekly doctor visits or injections.

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DetoxificationAfter centuries of polluting our air, water, and soil, people (and other living creatures) are paying the price in the form of toxic exposures. Air we breathe, water we drink, food we grow and harvest, as well as high levels of stress in our daily lives, are all sources of toxic exposure leading to acute and chronic illnesses, thus the important of detoxification.

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